PPI Refunds

The ongoing PPI refunds saga is undoubtedly the most serious to have hit the UK banking industry, and so far more than four million people have claimed back fees on mis sold policies. With many more expected to do so there is no sign of things slowing down. Could you have a valid claim, and are you missing out on an industry average £2750 payout? The banks have been forced to set aside many billions of pounds to pay back customers who have been mis sold policies, and we have so far helped many people make successful claims, so let us help to, too.

The PPI Refunds Scandal Explained

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is there to keep up the monthly repayments on a loan, mortgage or any other form of credit agreement in the event the holder is made redundant involuntarily. The problem is not with the policy, but with the way they have routinely been sold to people in a manner not within the regulations. PPI refunds are made by people who have been mis sold policies, and you may have more than one PPI policy in your possession. Have a look through your paperwork relating to any credit agreements you may have.

What is Mis Sold PPI?

When you were sold your policy the lender should have adhered to strict regulations laid down by the powers that be. In many cases these were routinely overlooked. For example, you should have been given the chance to look around for the cheapest deal, but in many cases customers were led to believe they must take a policy from the lender. The regulations have now been rewritten and the PPI refunds saga continues, and there are many more forms of mis selling that have consequently come to light. You have a basic legal right to claim back charges on mis sold PPI policies.

How to Make Successful PPI Refunds

We have a team of experienced claims advisers who can help you get back the fees on your mis sold PPI policies. We will handle your claim for you on a no win no fee* basis, so that you are not left out of pocket if we are unsuccessful. We have already helped many people make successful PPI refunds claims, and we are confident that our experience in the field means we can help you get back the fees you have paid into any mis sold PPI policies.