PPI Claims

PPI Claims UK can Help You Get Back Your Fees

As the payment protection insurance (PPI) claims scandal continues to escalate, so the cost to the banks increases; so far, in excess of four million people have claimed back, or are claiming back, the fees on mis-sold PPI fees, and many more are expected to do so. Anybody who has a loan, a mortgage or any other form of credit agreement may have been mis sold a payment protection insurance (PPI) policy. At PPI Claims UK we have so far assisted thousands of people in getting back what they are owed, and we are waiting to help you do the same.

Unlike many claims companies we go one step further: as well as working to get back your PPI fees, we also pursue any credit card charges that are deemed to be unfair which you may have accrued over the past six years. We aim to please, and that’s why we stand out in a busy marketplace.

Why you should Use PPI Claims UK

We have learned across the years that some people are wary of using claims management companies, and there are many reasons why. We are more than happy to inform you that you can chase your PPI claim yourself, but we are also confident that the peace of mind of having professionals handle your claim comes with many benefits: while we take on the difficult bits, you can continue with life as usual.

Following are a number of reasons why believe it makes sense to use us:

1: Our team of SPECIALIST PPI CLAIMS SOLICITORS is on hand to handle your claim with the individual attention and detail it requires and deserves.

2: There are NO UPFRONT FEES – we do not believe in charging in advance.

3: Our NO WIN NO FEE package ensures that, in the event of an unsuccessful claim, you will not be billed for our service.

4: There are no HIDDEN EXTRAS – we will also pay for copies of any necessary paperwork.

5: Our charges are simple: YOU PAY 25% + VAT on all funds recovered, and that’s it.

6: Each customer is allocated a DEDICATED CASE HANDLER in order that they are kept up with progress.

As we have been in the claims business since the scandal broke we guarantee plenty of experience and we work within the guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice. We also take great pride in offering high levels of customer service.



Payment Protection Insurance Explained

Many people find the consumer finance industry confusing, and with the prevalence of legal and financial jargon in the PPI claims saga it can be enough to put them off claiming. Let’s have a closer look at the scandal itself and what PPI is, and all in simple terms.

The PPI Claims Scandal in Simple Terms

In 2005 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) investigated a number or allegations concerning the mis-selling of PPI. The investigation that followed confirmed the allegations, and uncovered more widespread instances of mis-selling. Fines were handed out to many lenders, the rules re-written, and in 2011 the High Court ruled that all fees on mis-sold policies must be repaid.

PPI Provisions and Fines Explained

Following the High Court decision the lenders had no option but to set aside a great deal of money in order to cope with the impending PPI reclaim cases. To date, in excess of  £17billion has been allocated for the purpose by all lenders, and  many experts believe the final figure may exceed £25billion, while the Lloyds Banking Group having allowed for £7billion for its customers alone. It remains your basic right to reclaim PPI fees that are deemed to have been mis-sold, and while it can be done alone, there are obvious benefits in using a professional service.

How much might my PPI Award be?

How much you may be awarded depends very much upon the loan itself, in particular the amount borrowed, the type of loan and the APR. There are also other factors that may influence the decision. The average payment so far is around £3000, but there has been at least one that amounted to greater than £50,000.